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• AFZAL AHMED SYED, Editor Urdu Poetry Series

Afzal Ahmed Syed (born 1946) holds a unique place among contemporary poets of the Urdu language. He is an acknowledged master of both classical and modern Urdu poetic expression, and a leading proponent of linguistic experimentation. He is the author of three modern nazm genre collections titled چھينی ہوئ تاريخ (An Arrogated Past, 1984), دو زبانوں ميں سزاۓ موت (Death Sentence in Two Languages, 1990), and روکوکو اور دوسری دنيائيں (Rococo and Other Worlds, 2000). His ghazal collection is titled خيمہُ سياہ (The Dark Pavilion, 1988). The Wesleyan University Press Poetry Series will publish his selection titled Rococo and Other Worlds in Spring 2010. He is editing a representative selection of contemporary Urdu poetry for the Urdu Project.
Website: http://aasyed.blogspot.com/

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